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Dave's Letters of wisdom.


T'was said such a time ago

For to still bring chills quite deep

On a soul with good intentions

And a mind so full of learning

To cause many more questions

Than answers to the rational

Of what was taking place

All cannot be ever known

Though patience is the rule

When the pain may drive to distraction

The understandings of an idiot

And the blitherings of a wise old fool

Knowing full well of your abilities

The knowledge of your education

The usage of such words in verbiage

Does dishonor to your masters

More honest the prefix's to "give you"

I won't, I will not, I shall not

Said they not?

         “To thine own self be true”

“And true “meaning” shall be found in your time”

Fade not the traveler of no interest you have

For he may have seen the truth in the meaning


To see you for who you really are

And know that you honestly “CAN”

As disappointment dripped from his coat tails

He moved away slowly with respect

Yet perhaps with a great deal more

Than ever did you imagine to offer  

Did you even hear of what he wanted

Did you understand not the words he spoke

Was the sand on your path too quick

The attention paid not enough

Or was the price of truth too dear

For one to find the true value

In all that seems meaningless

An honest faith must prevail

Within the interest of a friend

Save a feeling or two

       YA THINK?